Friday, February 27, 2009

Manual Handling Training DVD Power Pack

Statistically manual handling injuries account for around 40% of all workplace accidents. These injuries include back injuries such as ruptured discs and torn muscles – they can also include injuries such as sprained ankles, strained neck muscles, tendonitis, spondylolisthesis, carpel tunnel syndrome and other forms of repetitive strain injury (RSI).

Clearly there is a need for a manual handling training program in every organisation because to some degree or other, everyone is exposed to the risk of incurring a manual handling injury.

  • Manual Handling - Child's Play DVD
  • 3 x Child's Play Manual Handling Awareness Posters
  • Lifting and Carrying DVD
  • Manual Handling DVD
  • The Manual Handling Training Course Manual
  • The Lifting and Carrying Training Course Manual

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