Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Fatigue: One of the hottest topics in OHS today!

Feeling tired or drowsy after prolonged mental or physical effort at work is normal. Fatigue, however is more than just feeling tired. Fatigue is an acute and/or chronic state of tiredness that can lead to mental and/or physical exhaustion. Fatigue prevents people from functioning within normal boundaries.

Fatigue is a diffucult issue to manage in the workplace. This is the best DVD on fatigue awareness out right now. To get it CLICK HERE!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Child's Play Manual Handling Poster

We've had a few queries as to what the Child's Play poster looks like. Well, here it is! You get 3 of these free when you purchase the Child's Play DVD. The DVD itself is extremely effective, and putting these posters up around your workplace, only helps and reinforces the Manual Handling message.

Most importantly though, Child's Play get your staff talking to each other about Manual Handling. Click on the image below to enlarge the poster.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Electrical Safety in the Workplace

Here, an industrial fused switch has had one of the fuse links replaced with a length of copper tube.

Fuses provide an important safety function and are in place to provide overload and short circuit protection for electrical wiring and equipment. Fuses cut power when excessive current is being drawn. This prevent overheating and fires.

If you need to do some refresher training on electrical safety in your workplace, why not get an Electrical Safety Power Pack. It comprehensively covers electrical safety basics including static electricity. CLICK HERE TO GET IT!!!!!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

The most effective Manual Handling DVD you can train with!

Below is a preview clip for the powerful Manual Handling video 'Child's Play'. We are constantly receiving positive feedback from our clients. They tell us that this is the only Manual Handling video that gets the message through, and sticks! This is such a fun and effective training video and it also comes with 3 posters you can put up around your workplace.

Check it out for yourself, we're sure you'll agree that there is no more effective Manual Handling DVD than 'Child's Play!