Tuesday, October 18, 2011

'I saw the sign'

This 'I saw the sign!' was sent in by Akum; one of our readers.

This graphic warns of the danger of wearing loose fitting clothing around a bench drill press. It is important to never become complacent or forgetful of what you are wearing when using a bench drill press, lathe or any other rotating/moving piece of machinery. The potential entanglement accident can be quick and deadly. This particular hazard summary is from the Ministry of Labour, Ontario, Canada:

"A lathe operator was fatally injured while polishing a slotted steel shaft with emery paper. Before putting it in the lathe, he had machined three keyway slots along the 3" diameter shaft. After securing it between the chuck and the tailstock of the lathe he began polishing with a long strip of emery paper looped around the rapidly rotating shaft. The slots caught the strip of paper, which entangled his gloved hand and pulled his arm around the shaft, severing it from his body. He died later from extensive head, neck and chest injuries."