Tuesday, October 30, 2012

New Release DVD: Metalwork Tools

Today, the metal trade is one of the cornerstones of our industrial society. Correct, efficient and safe use of metalworking tools is essential throughout the metal industry. This program shows the correct and safe use of a wide range of metalworking tools and includes:

• Personal safety
• Safety precautions in the workplace
• The Metal Rule
• How to use a Scriber
• Correct use of the Try Square
• Punches
• Using Spring Dividers to scribe arcs and circles
• Marking with Odd Leg Calipers
• Correct and safe use of Hammers
• Files and Filing
• Using a Cold Chisel correctly
• Hacksaws
• Operating a Drill Press

This program is aimed at all users of basic Metalwork Tools, whether they be students or experienced trades people who may require a refresher on safe and correct usage.