Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Safety footwear?

No, it’s not a joke photo - this young bricklayer was actually found onsite working in these disreputable boots. Needless to say he was booted off the job and told not to come back till he had appropriate footwear and the rest of his personal protective equipment (PPE). Remember safety footwear should be:

- suitable for the work
- maintained in good condition
- soles not worn out, split or cracked
- protective caps not showing
- uppers not ripped or cut
- worn correctly

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Brilliant mobile phone and driving advert

Kudos Volkswagen. What a brilliant way to communicate how risky it is to use mobile phones while driving.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

New Release DVD: Fire Safety Awareness

Fire awareness is an attitude, an attitude that incorporates the understanding of four basic areas which are:

• The Nature of Fire
• The Causes of Fire
• The Behavior of Fire
• Fire Safety Management

Included in the program:

• A simple scientific explanation of fire
• Identification of common workplace hazards associated with fires
• Fire behavior characteristics, which include the following five principles:

1. Fire must obey physical laws
2. Where there's fire there's smoke
3. It is the vapor that burns
4. Oxygen increases fire intensity
5. The principle of cooling, smothering and starving

New release DVD: Office Safety

This program has been produced to inform and educate on the safety issues that exist in the office environment. It looks at the common and often overlooked hazards that could exist in an average office, and how these hazards can be recognised and controlled to reduce the risks to individuals working in offices.